Download TDS + Form 16 + 24Q + 26 Q for FY 2012-13 ~

February 8, 2013

Download TDS + Form 16 + 24Q + 26 Q for FY 2012-13

Prepare at a time 50 employees Form 16 + 24Q or 26 Q for Govt and Non-Govt Concerned for the Financial Year 2012-13 and Assessment year 2013-14

      It is mandatory by the Income Tax Department,to submit the Monthly / Quarterly   Tax Deduction at Source for Salaried Person through the Income Tax Form 24Q (1st to 4th Quarter) for All Govt Concerned and 26 Q(1st to 4th Quarter) for all the Non-Govt Concerned, for the deposit the Tax Deducted and Deposited to the Income Tax Department in each month or Quarter Ended.

It seems that the various Govt and Non-Govt Concerned not able to follow as well as not to prepared / Submite  the 24Q and 26Q with the TDS Break up to the Tax Department.

If this Form 24Q and 26 Q may be fill in Manual, it will be most difficult to calculate in each column with a perfect Tax Break up. But if it can prepare through the Excel, it most easy to prepare. Also it is more effective, 

If you prepared the same with the Form 16, which Form 16 will be supplied to the Employees by the Employer after the each year ended of each financial year.

Below given the Automatic Excel Based Utility, which can prepare the All Quarter of 24 Q and 26 Q with the Automatic Form 16 for the financial year 2012-13 and Assessment Year 2013-14.This Excel Based Utility can use both of Govt and Non-Govt Concerned.

Feature of this Utility:-

  • Automatic Calculate the Tax Liability and calculate the Tax
  • Automatic Prepare the 24Q or 26Q for both of Govt and Non-Govt Concerned
  • All Quarter ( 1st Q to 4th Q) can prepare by this Utility
  • Prevent the Double Entry of Pan and the Name of Employees
  • Prepare at a time 50 Employees Form 16 + 24Q or 26 Q
  • Easy to Generate and Easy to understand
  • All Income Tax Section can view  in this Utility with a Instruction for "How to Generate this Utility"
  • Automatic Convert the Amount in to the Words
Download the Utility from below :-


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